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Preparing Children for Success

We are excited to share a new video with you that highlights our impact on the many families we have served since 1996. Our dedicated parents, teachers and staff, many featured in this video, change the lives of children with hearing loss every day.

Join us in celebrating and sharing the Child’s Voice story! Please enjoy the whole video as well as some clips that you'll see in the upcoming weeks, and feel free to share them widely.

A young boy in a graduation cap and gown takes a diploma from a woman in a green dress

Words from Wendy: The Exceptional Journey

Graduation is a remarkable milestone for any student, but when it comes to children with…

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Three young boys in a school hallway

Beyond Child’s Voice: Good News About Self-Advocacy

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator Every year, our School Program assesses our current students’…

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Five adults pose in front of a gallery wall

Words from Wendy: What Is Your Origin Story?

Spring is the absolute best in Illinois. We have been stuck inside for months, waiting…

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Five people participate in a Zoom meeting

Beyond Child’s Voice: Life in the Workforce

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator We recently held a virtual alumni panel called Life…

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A hallway featuring college pennants

Words from Wendy: Spring into Growth and change

We are excited for spring at Child’s Voice! It brings renewed change and growth, which…

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A little girl and a woman smile at the camera

Beyond Child’s Voice: Teacher Modeling to Correct Student Errors

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator At Child’s Voice, our staff members use modeling and…

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A woman in grey, a woman in maroon, and a womain in a flowerd blouse smile in a hallway lined with college pennants.

Beyond Child’s Voice: Accommodations Survey Responses

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator This fall, I sent a survey to all of…

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Two woman in grey sweatshirts hold a baby in pink

Words from Wendy: We Love How Far We have Come!

February is a very fun month at Child’s Voice with a lot of celebrating. We…

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Woman and a young girl read a book

Words from Wendy: We are About Families

At its heart Child’s Voice is about families. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives…

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A young girl participates in an audiology test while a female audiologist looks on

Words from Wendy: Didn’t Hear That? Ask For a Repeat!

Holiday preparations are in full swing at Child’s Voice! Our staff takes every opportunity to…

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A little girl is dressed like Mirabel from the movie Encanto and a woman is dressed like Harry Potter.

Thankful and Joyful

Holiday preparations are in full swing at Child’s Voice! Our staff takes every opportunity to…

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Woman talks to two children seated in chairs wearing cochlear implants

Make Your Festivities Inclusive for Guests With Hearing Loss

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator It is the holiday season, which means gathering with…

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school bulletin board saying Never Stop Growing in rainbow letters

Having A Growth Mindset

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator This year at Child’s Voice, our school theme is…

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New Board Members Include Child’s Voice Class of 1999 Alum

Our latest new board members are financial experts — and one is a Child’s Voice…

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Meet Mr. Mitch

Child’s Voice staff is always pleased to see alumni when they visit or attend events….

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A Call for More Support for Parents From a Long-time Child’s Voice Champion

by Meg McSherry Breslin, Child’s Voice Board Member Few surgeons are more committed to the…

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Child’s Voice Names Wendy Deters As New Executive Director

Child’s Voice is excited to announce that Wendy Deters has been selected to be Child’s…

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Welcome New Board and Staff Members!

Child’s Voice is pleased to announce a new member of the Board of Directors and…

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The Purpose-Driven Career

A purpose-driven career. That’s exactly what I have. It started in 8th grade when I…

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Smiling woman in a blue tie-dye t-shirt

Meet Julie Deely

One of the keys to helping children with hearing loss listen and speak is the…

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Audiologists and Parents Work Together to Improve Child Hearing

October is National Audiology Awareness Month. This article on audiology for children was written by…

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Man in blue shirt and white hat standing next to a yellow Little Free Library

Take a Book, Leave a Book, and Read with Joy!

Our Early Intervention/school Professional Development Coordinator Wendy Deters tells us how our new Little Free…

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Assessing Primary II Reading Levels

Child’s Voice uses the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System to assess our PII students’…

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We Are Ready to Debut Our Latest Strategic Plan

Since last June, our many committees have worked hard to develop and outline new strategic…

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Voice from the Heart Legacy Celebration

Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting Child’s Voice!   Thank you to our…

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So Much to Brag About!

Happy August! All programs are up, open, and running. It’s wonderful to hear these kiddos…

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Families Can Measure the Words Children Hear at Home

The goal at Child’s Voice is for our students to learn how to listen and…

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Child’s Voice Announces New Board Members

We are pleased to welcome Meg McSherry Breslin and Shannon Deamer to our Board of…

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What Will the Future Bring? Excellence!

As I write this piece for the newsletter, our halls are quiet. Well that’s not…

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Thank You to Volunteers of the Year!

Our Parent Association raises money for “extras” that transform Child’s Voice from a hearing-loss program…

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Despite COVID-19, Alumni Made Progress Last Year

The 2020-2021 school year presented many challenges for our alumni. Remote learning, hybrid learning, and…

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Child’s Voice Plays a Role in New Audiologist’s Training

Luck was on the side of our Audiology Center during the pandemic. Of course it…

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Dr. Michele Announces Retirement in 2022

May 26, 2021 Dr. Michele Wilkins announced her June 2022 retirement from Child’s Voice. Since…

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From “One Take” to “It’s a Wrap”

This year Child’s Voice celebrated our 25th birthday. It was a wonderful event, just like…

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Listening vs Hearing: What’s the difference?

Merriam-Webster defines hearing as the “process, function, or power of perceiving sound; specifically: the special sense by…

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