Graduate Shares Success Story, Advocacy Advice

We recently caught up with Taylor Knapp, Child’s Voice class of 2001. Taylor graduated from Maine South in Park Ridge. He attended Central Michigan University and Oakton College before he graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Communications.  

For over three years, Taylor was the social media voice on Twitter and Facebook for a major airline in the Chicago area. In this role, he helped customers with a variety of travel issues and he also assisted with disability concerns. This spring, Taylor took on a new position, as the Network Operations Control Bridge Communication Manager, where he gives real time updates on the airline’s hubs, operations, and the weather forecast to managers, employees, and stakeholders.  

Taylor shared that he uses captions whenever necessary during virtual meetings. He also has a co-worker listen in on meetings so he can ask that co-worker for repetitions or clarification of something he did not hear or understand. Taylor has told most of his co-workers about his hearing loss, so they understand they have to get his attention to talk to him, or that he may need repetitions.

Taylor likes to listen to music by connecting his cochlear implant to his phone through Bluetooth. After several co-workers tried to talk to him while he was listening to music, he started wearing ear buds to signal that he was listening to music.  

In his free time, Taylor enjoys traveling, spending time with his girlfriend, playing video games, snowboarding, and swimming. He recently went to Colorado by train and he really enjoyed the scenery during the trip. 

Taylor remembers being at Child’s Voice at the church building in Elmhurst and playing on the playground.  

Taylor’s advice to alumni is to always advocate for yourself, saying, “Only you know what you need.”  

Thank you Taylor for sharing your success with us! Alumni, please share your success story by emailing