Families Are Never Alone

A Partnership You Can Trust

Teachers and therapists work closely with our students and their families, who are often the first and best teachers of a child. At Child’s Voice, we want to empower parents with the advocacy skills and knowledge to navigate the world of special education.

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Call us to discuss options for your child, find resources, and learn about the public and private insurance plans we accept.

FInding your way through

Every student at Child’s Voice has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed in conjunction with the school district, families, and Child’s Voice staff. We help families with this process from creation to transitioning to mainstream schools.

Joining peers in the mainstream following graduation from Child’s Voice can be daunting for students and their families. Our strong Mainstream Support Program ensures that graduates are prepared to excel and engage with their peers.

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Information for Your Child's Mainstream Teacher can help any student with hearing loss in their classroom.
Home and school work together

From the first chat with a Child’s Voice staff member to the day an alum goes off to college, we are there to offer expertise, guidance, insight, and reassurance.

Family involvement is an integral part of Early Intervention success. Parents have individual monthly meetings with the EI coordinator, teacher or therapist to discuss their child’s progress, child development issues, strategies to use at home, and how to prepare for transitioning.

The School Program includes an annual curriculum night, parent education sessions and learning resources, an active and welcoming Parent Association, information about transitioning into mainstream classrooms, and visits from Child’s Voice staff following graduation.

Additional services are available including consulting and direct support or services for the student, family, and home school district.

Get advice from other parents

Our Facebook group for Current and Former Families is a closed group for parents of Child’s Voice students, both past and present. This is a virtual place for parents of a child with hearing loss to connect with other parents by sharing stories and experiences. This is also a place to learn from parents whose children are in the mainstream or beyond. This group is moderated by the current Parent Association Chairperson and select staff from Child’s Voice.