Preparing children with hearing loss for a lifetime of success

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Child’s Voice serves from birth-age 8 and beyond. We also empower families to make the journey with their children through education, advocacy, and encouragement.

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Child’s Voice is the only non public program offering listening and spoken language education in northern Illinois. Child’s Voice serves about 400 children and their families annually from more than 30 different school districts in the Chicago area.

We meet your child where they are today

For many families, our Early Intervention Program is the first step in their baby’s journey with hearing loss.

Early Intervention (EI) provides the critical foundation of listening and spoken language skills to children ages birth through 3, including speech and language development, listening, and developmental play skills.

The School Program is a classroom-style, listening and spoken language program for children aged 3-8 where students receive an intensive education focused on language and auditory skill development as well as key classroom-style components and social interactions.

Properly working hearing devices mean each child has optimum access to speech and language both in group and classroom settings and in the home environment.

The Audiology Center provides services to children in our EI and School Programs, including diagnostic testing, evaluation, and device support. In addition to in-house students, our Audiology Center sees about 250 outside patients each year for infant testing or for hearing-device services to alumni (up to age 21).

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Our Mission

The mission of Child’s Voice is to empower children with hearing loss to be successful in all educational and social settings by optimizing their listening, speaking, and academic skills. We strive to be recognized as a global leader in listening and spoken language education.

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During our 2021-22 school year we continued to support children and families from birth through high school and beyond. Thank you for being there for our children at every step during their journeys with hearing loss, and for your generous support for tomorrow’s families.

We are with you for life

Teachers and therapists empower parents with the advocacy skills and knowledge to navigate the world of special education. Our strong Mainstream Support Program ensures that graduates are prepared to excel and engage with their peers. Auditory-Verbal Therapy, counseling, and hearing testing and device support are available to alumni for life.