Speech Therapy Reinforces A Child’s Language Development

Speech Therapy Reinforces A Child’s Language Development

Language development does not end when children exit Early Intervention or graduate from the School Program. Children with hearing loss continue learning complex grammar and advanced vocabulary throughout their academic careers, and may need support along the way. Expert staff provides a variety of services for children between the ages of 3-10.

Speech-Language Therapy

Our staff has expertise in speech-language pathology and auditory-verbal practice. We work with children on the development of foundational spoken language skills, higher-level language acquisition, and advanced vocabulary. Therapists also reinforce articulation skills.

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We grow with each child

Not only is each child different, but each child develops at a different pace. The addition of a hearing device such as cochlear implant requires the teaching of new skills. Our therapists can introduce advanced listening skills or coach a child and parents through the acquisition and replacement of a hearing device. In addition, we use both standardized and criteria-referenced evaluations to determine if your child’s language skills are developing in a typical fashion or if he/she is needing more support. Families do not have to navigate the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process alone, as our experts offer advice for advocating for the services that a child needs.

Meeting Each Child's Needs

Speech rehabilitation and therapy is intense work, but young children’s brains are ready to learn. Watch an early language specialist work with a toddler to help him connect what he sees and what he says.