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Every newborn in Illinois is screened for hearing loss. Babies may need additional hearing testing for a variety of reasons, including time spent in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU); diagnosis of a birth condition associated with hearing loss; oxygen loss; in-utero infections; or a family history of hearing loss or progressive hearing loss

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Pediatric Early Hearing Detection And Intervention (PEHDI)® Program

Early access to sound is critical for babies to develop the auditory centers of their brain and learn listening and spoken language. Our doctors are all licensed in the State of Illinois to provide pediatric audiology testing and early intervention services. Several tests will be used to evaluate the entire hearing system.

No sedation is used. The baby can sleep in the caregiver’s arms, a stroller, car seat, or crib. After the test, parents meet with a pediatric audiologist and receive a detailed explanation of results. If a hearing loss is detected, we provide counseling regarding the hearing loss and treatment options. Families may get a referral to an otologist (ear specialist) or to early intervention services as well as information about parent support resources.

The child may be fitted for a “loaner” hearing aid, providing immediate access to sound and initial speech and auditory rehabilitation evaluations may be scheduled.

Results will be transmitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health and the family’s pediatrician.

Baby's First Audiology Appointment

When infants with hearing loss are tested and diagnosed quickly, they and their families can begin to rehabilitate their speech, language and listening skills. In Illinois, newborns are tested at birth. If a baby does not pass the newborn screening, the next step is to visit a pediatric audiologist with the goal of diagnosing potential hearing loss before 3 months of age.