Expanding A Child’s World

Our resident Doctors of Audiology specialize in testing and device support and maintenance to pediatric patients, from just a few weeks old through the age of 21. Students in the Early Intervention and School Programs regularly receive exams and device checks. Child’s Voice alumni receive audiology services for life.

A Full Range Of Services

Beyond hearing screenings and diagnostic testing, we offer long-term, family-centered care, Including hearing-device fitting and maintenance, early intervention services, speech and language therapy, baby and toddler groups, and audiological counseling for families.

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RM system offers best access to sound

The Remote Microphone (RM) systems used in classrooms are made up of two parts: a receiver attached to a child’s hearing device, and a transmitter/microphone worn by the teacher. The teacher’s voice is picked up by the microphone and wirelessly sent to the child’s receivers.

Newborn Hearing Screening

Receiving the news that a newborn’s hearing screening indicates potential hearing loss is difficult, and entering a world of medical terminology can be frightening. Our audiologists will help families navigate this stressful experience, defining and explaining terms such as otoscopic examination of the ear, tympanometry, Speech in Noise Testing, and Auditory Brainstem Response Testing.

If a child is fitted with a hearing aid or cochlear implant, our Audiology Center walks families through the process of hearing instrument/aid evaluations, fitting and dispensing; cochlear implant mapping and programing and Remote Microphone and Hearing Assistance Technology(HAT) System Evaluations.

From A Parent’s Point Of View

“When we first learned about Eloise’s diagnosis, we were lost. We never knew a deaf person and didn’t know what the future would look like for her or us. But we did our research on schools in the area for deaf kiddos, and we talked to our team of specialists and supporters and everyone had great things to say about Child’s Voice. With so many unknowns on our journey, the one thing we did know was that Child’s Voice was the place for us.”