Beyond Child’s Voice: Make The Best Decisions for Your Family

by Carrie Jackiewicz, Special Services Coordinator

When I am traveling around Chicagoland to visit our alumni at their neighborhood or private schools, I spend a lot of time in the car. It gives me time to think about the choices and sacrifices parents must make to support their child’s development and education. Some parents make the choice to move to a new district that will support their child at Child’s Voice. Other parents must make complicated arrangements for travel to and from Child’s Voice each day because of work schedules. None of these decisions are easy to make and oftentimes, they can be expensive and stressful. 

One family chose to send their child to Child’s Voice, although they lived over two hours away from Wood Dale. They had to make many sacrifices, including the family living separately during the week, paying for housing near the school, and time spent travelling twice a week. Those sacrifices paid off when that student was ready to transition to their home school. 

Another family lived in a district that could not provide appropriate support for their child’s needs. This family researched appropriate private schools in the area, toured the schools, and held meetings with school staff to verify that they had all the resources that their child needed. They felt relieved when they eventually found the best school for their child. 

Decisions can be challenging, but they are made easier when you have information and support from family, friends, and professionals. Parents, please know that Child’s Voice is always here to support your family. We have a variety of resources that can help you as you make choices in your child’s education. Please reach out to us with your questions or concerns, no matter how big or small.