Words from Wendy: Getting Ready for Lifelong Success

Happy July!

Child’s Voice continues to be as busy as usual. We have ESY, Toddler groups, home visits, and Audiology visits going on. I am working hard on organizing our back-to-school orientation for August. I am really excited to move into my second year as Executive Director. It feels nice to have some time and experiences under my belt so that I can be even more focused on my work. I am so grateful for everything I have learned this year, and to have such a wonderfully talented and supportive team to teach me. I look forward to working with this fantastic staff again this year.

Unfortunately, there is one staff member who I will not be working with on a daily basis this year. Dr. Anna Tess is moving on to new step in her life journey in August and will not be joining us as the Principal for the 23-24 school year. I am very happy for Anna to continue pursuing her career and working with children with hearing loss and their families, but I will miss her dearly at Child’s Voice. Anna brings a calm and caring demeanor to everything she does. Her life experiences and excellent knowledge base make her such a valuable member to any team. I wish her all the best and know our paths will continue to converge.

Transitions are never totally smooth but I feel like we are off to a great start with our incoming Principal, Mr. Richard Novy. He joins us from the public schools and has excellent experience as an educator and an educational leader. Most recently, Mr. Richard was the Assistant Principal at Stratford Middle School. When I met Mr. Richard, I was immediately impressed by his passion for working with children and for recognizing that early intervention and education is the key to setting up lifelong success. These are just some of the values he shares with Child’s Voice, our staff, and our families.

One of our meetings just so happened to be on “Kindness” day during our end-of-year ABC countdown. As I looked out the window when he drove up to the school, I noticed that his license plate said “Be Kind,” and I immediately knew we had a great fit for our new Principal. I look forward to introducing Mr. Richard to the Child’s Voice family and working together to make sure all children are learning to listen and talk to the best all of our abilities.

Thank you all for your continued support of Child’s Voice! We could not continue to do the amazing work we do without help from our extended family and friends.