Words from Wendy: We are About Families

At its heart Child’s Voice is about families.

We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of families of young children with hearing loss. We do this by getting to know and learning from the families we meet. We also help children listen, talk, and succeed.

The journey to success has looked different for every family and child I have had the privilege of working with. One of the families who I met at the very beginning of their journey was Marwa’s family. Marwa has a conductive hearing loss due to bilateral microtia/ atresia and wears a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA). She has excellent access to sound with her devices, yet her speech, language, and communication skills need support to develop. This is where Child’s Voice plays such an integral role in the lives of children like Marwa.

Woman sits at a table with a little girl
Photograph by Charles Cherney

Before I was Executive Director, I worked with our youngest students in the Early Intervention program. I conducted Marwa’s first evaluation and was immediately struck by this little girl’s smile and
her mother’s joy in her baby-sized achievements.

“Upon joining the Toddler Group, we noticed Marwa’s social interactions improving alongside her speech. Once she started the full time P1 program we couldn’t get her to stop talking!” her parents say. “The cheerful and interactive environment has set the foundation for her love of school and learning. We hope she’ll carry that love with her throughout her life.”

Marwa is special in so many ways but she is special to Child’s Voice in that she is one of the few students in our programs who wear BAHA devices and has a conductive hearing loss. My goal for Child’s Voice is to always be ready to serve families and children with all types of hearing loss who have listening and spoken language goals.

Starting my work for Child’s Voice in Early Intervention gave me the opportunity to experience the entire journey that a family of a child with hearing loss goes through. It’s even more gratifying to now see those little babies entering college and adulthood and their families’ growth from uncertainty to confidence and pride in their child’s abilities.

Child’s Voice is lucky to have families, teachers, staff, partners, supporters, and friends who are with Marwa and with all of our children at every step during their journeys with hearing loss. We have been teaching children to listen and talk for more than 25 years, and we are excited for the next 25 years and who we will meet along the way.