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All Ears at Child’s Voice: A Hearing Loss Podcast aims to connect families of children with hearing loss with the professionals who serve them. Child’s Voice staff talk with parents, alumni, doctors, audiologists, researchers, athletes, and more who offer perspectives on living with hearing loss.

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On episode #43 of All Ears at Child’s Voice: A Hearing Loss Podcast, Colleen and new co-host Julie are joined by guest Jason Anderson, a late-deafened adult who has experienced many forms of hearing loss throughout his life. He found his calling and purpose in disability services, working for a decade at the University of Wisconsin as an access specialist for students who were deaf and hard of hearing. He is now with the State of Wisconsin Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, where he is a program and policy analyst. Colleen and Julie talk to Jason about his work helping college-aged deaf and hard-of-hearing students transition to college and advocate for themselves on campus.

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All Ears At Child’s Voice is for parents of children with hearing loss, professionals who work with children with hearing loss, and many others that interact with children who are deaf, including grandparents, caregivers, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists. Topics include parent and professional perspectives on cochlear implants, self-advocacy skills. behavior management, sibling engagement, language development, and more. Podcasts are available through multiple applications on your phone or desktop, including Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, and iTunes.

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Watch a clip from a Zoom interview with Derrick Coleman Jr., the first deaf NFL offensive player.
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