Baby Beats

Music-based early intervention app makes listening exercises fun

We are happy to share this article posted by about  BabyBeats™, a musical journey of sounds, music and voice helping little ones learn to listen and communicate. Child’s Voice currently uses the app in therapy sessions.  To read the complete article, please Click Here.

Written by Melissa Hyder on April 2, 2018

When I first found out about Ayden and Sayge’s hearing loss diagnosis, one of my first questions was, how do I help them, and get them the resources and support they need?  The hearing loss world was incredibly new to me and my husband.  I was just trying to catch my breath. Early intervention therapists do a great job of coming to the home and providing great strategies, tips for parents, and resources. However, I still found myself wondering if what I was doing at home was effective and enough. I can imagine that I am not alone in those feelings. Thankfully, Phonak and Advanced Bionics have taken their amazing music-based early intervention resource and made it accessible to everybody in an easy-to-use app called BabyBeats™. The program is based on a researched approach to helping children develop communication and listening skills through music activities.

I first heard of BabyBeats in Sayge’s baby group that we attend at an auditory and verbal school called, Child’s Voice. Her therapist, Wendy Deters, introduced us to the program and demonstrated how to use it. All the children in the group really had a fun time. The concept was simple, match movements with the music. Using movements like rocking and tickling. However, just using BabyBeats once every other week for 10-15 minutes simply did not feel enough. As a result, I was left wishing I could not only just do more at home with my children, but feel confident about what I was doing at home. However, I no longer have to feel that way. BabyBeats is now at my finger-tips all the time as an app on my phone. I can use it in times that work for our family and much more often…ericka-viagra/. Plus, I can feel confident that the activities that I am doing with Sayge are effective with a lot of research behind the program.

Click Here to watch a video clip of Sayge and Melissa using the app.