What Will the Future Bring? Excellence!

Welcome to Smiley HighwayAs I write this piece for the newsletter, our halls are quiet. Well that’s not exactly true as Audiology is seeing patients daily and Early Intervention is holding toddler classes and home visits until the end of July.

And actually the halls have been pretty quiet this entire year. With our COVID protocols in place since FOREVER, we have had no visitors or parents in the building. We are still sorting out what the fall will bring. Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Department of Health, and the CDC are also trying to sort it out. We have the cleanest rooms, lunchroom, and learning centers, have installed air purifiers, sorted children in pods, and screen all students before entering.

We also wanted to remember that we are all in this together. Smiley Highway guides everyone down the main hall. We reorganized our college pennants and added banners with our seven values down the EI hall (thank you Belmonte Printing).

Four banners

Hopefully you have been following us on Facebook. We have had significant work done to the building, landscaping, and parking lot. With our windows cleaned for the first time in 20 years (yikes!) the place just sparkles.

In May we celebrated 9 graduates, who are now new alumni. We will continue to follow them in the mainstream, making sure they are carrying the mark of excellence Child’s Voice inspires in all our students. Speaking of mark of excellence, we thank our Board of Directors for their unwavering commitment and dedication to our students, families, and staff. We welcomed two new members to our board and hope to add a couple more. Maybe you are interested in this leadership role?

We do say good-bye to three staff members and hello to two new ones. We congratulate our school coordinator obtaining her principal certificate and her doctorate degree! Now that’s a great mark of excellence for Child’s Voice.

This August we begin our next three-year strategic plan. I am a firm believer in “plan your work and work your plan,”as it has brought about exceptional change and growth for Child’s Voice.

School starts soon, but now it’s still time to enjoy our family and friends. Light up the grill and pop the top of a cold one.


Dr. Michele