We Are Ready to Debut Our Latest Strategic Plan

Since last June, our many committees have worked hard to develop and outline new strategic initiatives that will be our guideposts over the next three years.

We have 6 pillars for strategic focus:

  • Governance & Leadership
  • Metrics & Measurement-Academic Success
  • Parent & Alumni Involvement
  • Finance & Sustainability
  • Marketing & Awareness
  • Campus Operations

Our new pillar, Campus Operations, is still a work in progress, but you can see from the work we did over the summer that our Wood Dale building and grounds look amazing already.

It is wonderful that each member of our Board of Directors are active on one to several committees. Over the past year, extensive education covering all Child’s Voice programs led to deeper understanding by our board members. In addition, the board worked with our consultant on capacity building in the Defining Our Voices initiative. This same consultant began the groundwork of finding the next Executive Director for Child’s Voice. Continuing on our break-neck pace, two new board members joined our team this year as one member stepped off.

Last year was a whirlwind year in which we also continued to deal with the stressors of a pandemic. I commend you all for your dedication, Herculean hard work, and unrelenting commitment to supporting the mission of Child’s Voice. THANK YOU!

Now we start another school year and a new strategic plan. As each committee meets, the chairs are walking through their plan. They are asking for input for the timeline, activities to reach the goal, and what additional resources are required. Thank you all for your participation.

We are trying out a new format and hoping that using a Excel spreadsheet will help make updating easier. As part of our board meetings, we continue to ask board members to report out on their particular pillar, keeping us all informed. With the addition of goals from Defining Our Voices, we again have much to do.

The board’s role in strategy encompasses strategic thinking and decision making about the organization’s future, helping develop and then adopting a strategic plan or framework, and monitoring organizational performance as it relates to previously set goals. These activities should come as no surprise. Can you imagine making decisions about Child’s Voice without knowing what we do, why it matters, and how we are — or are not — having an impact? One of a board member’s most important roles is to ask insightful questions and question assumptions. Understanding the big picture — the environment in which Child’s Voice operates and any challenges or opportunities that have recently arisen and how they relate to the programs — is crucial.

We are grateful and very appreciative for all the time and talent our Board of Directors give to helping Child’s Voice strive for excellence.


Dr. Michele