So Much to Brag About!

Woman in mask, t-shirt, and shorts walks with a little girl Happy August! All programs are up, open, and running. It’s wonderful to hear these kiddos up and down the halls. The giggles are back in full force. Wonderful!

Like a proud mother, I am a very proud Executive Director. The accomplishments of our students are amazing. There is much to brag about. All our students, from home-based sessions, toddler group classes, testing in the audiology booth, and hard-working PI and PII students, continue to grow exponentially each year.

Many of the experiences offered at Child’s Voice are made possible because of YOU. Yes, YOU who supported our STREAMM program, our SMARTboard project, our Lending Library, and our building improvement and playground upgrade. I thank you. I am proud of your supporting talents, treasures, and grace.

Our goal is to close the “gap” hearing loss has created in language, speech, listening, and social-emotional learning. I am proud to say WE do this extremely well. Our expertise in working with children with hearing loss and their families prepares our students to be competitive with their hearing classmates in their neighborhood schools.

Hopefully, in upcoming newsletters you will learn about the Ito family. They are from Japan and recently returned home after their daughter, Mio, completed our school program. Mio just received her second implant—something very rare to happen in Japan. I hope this family is a trailblazing precedent-setter for other children with hearing loss.

The Gemskis family just recently shared this video clip of our 2019 graduate, Vegas, giving his class project about hearing. I know they are all proud of his abilities! And I know we are just as proud here at Child’s Voice.

I encourage all students and families to stay connected with Child’s Voice. Please continue to support our many events and projects. And please continue to share with us the amazing work your student undertakes.

We are PROUD and know you are too.

Stay safe and be well!


Dr. Michele