From “One Take” to “It’s a Wrap”

Woman handing child in blue graduation cap and gown a diplomaThis year Child’s Voice celebrated our 25th birthday. It was a wonderful event, just like all events this year, virtual and wonderful.

We created an online birthday party featuring stories, photos, music, and memories. Rollen Cooper was our master of ceremonies, I introduced our guests, and we honored teacher Elsa Auerbach with the Voice from the Heart.

The event was pre-taped at a TV studio. What was especially fun was the ability to do “re-takes.” Rollen and I did this many times—but low and behold when Elsa comes up to say her piece, she did it in ONE TAKE. And they then announced IT’S A WRAP. We joked about “ONE TAKE ELSA”  for some time afterwards.

Woman making heart shape with handsMy point of this story is this year had to be a ONE TAKE YEAR and now IT’S A WRAP.

After living and working through “the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” global pandemic, it’s time to look optimistically for all the good that as happened.

We’re all finding new ways to connect with ourselves, our families and our loved ones.

We’re all realizing how important community is—especially our school community.

We’re all realizing that we can do things that seemed impossible!

Two women with masks in orange Halloween scrubsWe’re all “cleaner” than ever before. We wash our hands, cover our mouth, and wipe surfaces touched.

We’re more appreciative of our essential workers, including our teachers, speech language pathologists, and audiologists (along with nurses and doctors and store clerks).

We’re much more skilled with technology, from our Zoom lessons to using teletherapy that keeps us connected.

We’ve broadened our horizons by taking virtual trips to foreign lands, local museums, and online fitness classes. (Well, I should have concentrated a bit more on virtual fitness!)

We’re inviting more animals into our lives. Adoptions are up 100%. Did you get a new pet?

We’re developing new hobbies (jigsaw-puzzle companies seemed to get the most of our money!)

Whew, what a wonderful POSITIVE list of things that have come out of COVID.

Now that being said, let me end with AND IT’S A WRAP!

Enjoy being outside this summer with family and friends.


Dr. Michele