Eloise’s Story

The Kowalski family has experienced Child’s Voice’s Early Intervention program both in person and virtually, and mom Laura speaks to what we hope every family will find no matter how they interact with us:

“When we first learned about Eloise’s diagnosis, we were lost. We never knew a deaf person and didn’t know what the future would look like for her or us. But we did our research on schools in the area for deaf kiddos, and we talked to our team of specialists and supporters and everyone had great things to say about Child’s Voice. With so many unknowns on our journey, the one thing we did know was that Child’s Voice was the place for us.”

“Ms. Wendy has been working with us since we started Early Intervention, and we couldn’t be happier with the progress Ellie has made under her care. Now, we’re part of the virtual Toddler group with Ms. Kim and love how even online, she’s able to connect with us and create a fun and nurturing learning environment. The entire staff at Child’s Voice is so supportive, dedicated, and knowledgeable, they have helped us get through a difficult time and achieve real progress.