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  • Brady & Everett’s Story

    Brady & Everett’s Story

    We read aloud to Brady when he was in the womb.  He was our first child, and like most parents, we were eager to maximize his development as early as […]

  • Levi’s Story

    Levi’s Story

    Levi was diagnosed with profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at 9 months of age. As a family that was still on a high of having a perfect little prince (and […]

  • The Stark Family

    The Stark Family

    In 2006, we welcomed our son Jeffrey into the world.  He was a perfect baby, but we noticed he didn’t respond to certain sounds even though he had passed his […]

  • One Alumni Voice…

    One Alumni Voice…

    Amy is currently getting ready for fifth grade at Ardmore School in Villa Park. Amy Bussa’s mom, Corinne, noticed that Amy wasn’t responding to spoken language at about 14 months.  […]


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