Alum Finds Success as a Voice for United Airlines

Taylor Knapp
Taylor Knapp is a “voice” for United Airlines, helping travelers over social media.

Outside Executive Director Dr. Michele Wilkins’ office is a quote:

“I learned to talk, to listen, and to love.”

There might not be a simpler way to explain what we teach at Child’s Voice. The quote is from 2001 graduate Taylor Knapp. Today, he uses those skills – and his talent for getting right to the heart of things – in his job as a real-time voice of United Airlines.

A social media engagement associate, Taylor says he is “responsible for 24/7/365 delivery of customer engagement and social care across United’s social media platforms on a global scale.” In this role he says he is a “trusted travel advisor and expert” and also a brand voice for United on Twitter and Facebook.

“I resolve customer concerns and answer questions in real time,” Taylor says, adding that he needs to be helpful and efficient while developing relationships with customers.

“I love my role with United because I have always wanted to help people and this role allows me to help various people across the world with their questions and flight concerns. I get to share my kindness and compassion toward others while helping them with their concerns or questions.”

And his role comes with a view, as he works in Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.

“I feel honored to work for United and work inside of a building that is a part of Chicago’s history,” he says.

In his free time, Taylor likes to paint and draw.

“I love reading comic books and painting or drawing scenes from comic books. I also love listening to music.” This time of year, you’ll also find him snowboarding in Colorado or Wisconsin.

As Child’s Voice looks toward its 25th year in 2021, we are proud of graduates like Taylor who have started careers and are continuing to be ambassadors for the work we do.

“I went to Child’s Voice when it was in a small church in Elmhurst,” Taylor says. “I remember making good friends and always having a blast on the playground. I also have fond memories of when we would decorate the school as a haunted house every Halloween.”

“Child’s Voice has helped develop me into the person I am today,” Taylor says.  “I will always be proud to support and represent Child’s Voice because of the obstacles I was able to overcome and achieve by finding my voice and advocating for myself. Also, I would like to thank my grandparents, parents, Dr. Michele, and my teachers for supporting me and reminding me to always advocate for myself and never give up.”