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In this mini episode of All Ears at Child’s Voice, Wendy and Tatum briefly reflect on season three; preview some of season four; and share some ways listeners can help the show.

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Episode Transcript:

Tatum:               Welcome to All Ears at Child’s Voice, a podcast, discussing all things hearing loss. We aim to connect parents of children with hearing loss with the professionals who serve them. We’re your hosts. I’m Tatum Fritz

Wendy:              And I’m Wendy Deters. If you listen to our most recent episode with Dr. Michele Friedner from The University of Chicago, you know that we’ve officially concluded our third season of the podcast. We are now looking ahead to planning for next season. Next season, we’re making a few changes to the show that we wanted to take a few minutes to share with you all.

Tatum:               And then today we’ll also be sharing some of what we plan to have on the show next year and ways you can help out the show and get more involved.

Wendy:              So we wanted to take a moment to thank our listeners for listening and we’re looking forward to engaging with you more over the next year. This was my first year on the podcast and it was a really enjoyable experience. It was so much fun. I loved working with Tatum and most of all, I really loved everything that I learned from all of our guests. It’s been such a gift to get to know different people and their perspectives and use that information in my personal and professional life. So it’s been really fun.

Tatum:               Yeah. Yeah. I love being on the show. I can’t believe we’ve already like finished three seasons and 20 episodes and now we’re looking ahead to next year. This season we had a couple people on from outside the hearing loss field, like Dr. Michele Friedner, an anthropologist, and I just love that the show has given us an opportunity to speak to so many of different professionals and families and learn things that I probably wouldn’t have been exposed to before. So thanks for listening.

Wendy:              So in the year 2020 and 2021 we will have a new schedule. We’re going to release one episode per month. It will be on the second Wednesday of the month. Our first episode of the new year we will have on Valli Gideons, she has a website called My Battle Call. She’s a parent of two teenagers with hearing loss and we have a really fun conversation with her about what her life is like as a military spouse and a parent of children with hearing loss. So stay tuned for that.

Tatum:               As opposed to the first three seasons, we’ll be more of a yearly podcast now, and aiming for once a month episode releases. And then we also wanted to take some time today to talk about ways that you as listeners can help out the show. So we love that you’re listening, we just want the show to keep growing and it’s grown a lot over the years. But there’s a couple of ideas that we’ve had for ways that you can get more involved and help us out. So first off, we’re releasing a survey that we’d love for you to complete. You can find the link in the podcast description of this episode and you can also find it in our show notes today for this mini episode, which will be on our website at childsvoice.org/podcast and then we’ll also have that to our social media accounts. We’re just looking to see who is listening and also if there’s any feedback that you have to share, what episodes that you’ve really enjoyed or if there’s anything in the hearing loss field that you feel like we haven’t covered yet that we could incorporate in future episodes. So if you could fill that out, that would be amazing cause we’d just love to know like who’s listening to us.

Wendy:              Yeah, we want to know who’s out there. So that will help us steer some of our content towards our listeners. We want you to find this show informative and engaging. So it really helps us to know who you are. If you can also please take a moment and rate the show on Apple podcasts. It helps new listeners find the show. And we’ve also heard from several of you that you’ve been sharing the show online, which we really, really appreciate. So anytime you can continue to do that, to share the show, something that you learned on the show and tag us, we really appreciate that. That’s how new people find us.

Tatum:               Yeah. So rating the show either, well I think Apple podcasts would probably help us out the most, but wherever you listen to the show, so if you’re on a different app listening to us, feel free to rate us there too. But if you leave a review on Apple podcasts that does something to the algorithm where it will help more people find our show. And then for this next season we really want to make the show more interactive. So far we’ve received some feedback via email and we see some people posting about the show online. I know I’ve heard from some parents that I personally work with about what they’re gaining from the show, but we really want to hear from more of our listeners. So we have a few ideas on how are we going to aim to make our show more interactive.

Wendy:              So one thing that you can do is leave us a voice memo. It’s actually very easy. Tatum showed me how to do it in about 0.2 seconds. I am much less tech savvy than Tatum and Elise are and it’s very easy to do. So in the show notes we’re gonna put a link to learn how to make a voice memo and then you just make that voice memo on your phone and you email it to us and we can listen to it. And we are going to play that feedback on the air, on our shows at the beginning of our episodes. So if you want to hear your voice on a podcast, please leave us a voice memo. Sometimes we’ll also post specific questions that we’d like your feedback on to leave voice memos about. So take a look out for those.

Tatum:               And then we also want to encourage people when you are talking about the show online, if you could use our hashtags, that would be awesome. It would help us find that feedback more easily and see what people are saying online about the show. So our hashtags are #childsvoicepodcast and then #hearinglosspodcast. So if you could use one or both of those, that’d be awesome and then we could see what you’re saying about the show online.

Wendy:              So we’re really looking forward to next season. We are in the process of planning our episodes. We have some really great ideas and some really great guests that we’d like to talk to. We’ll touch on a variety of topics again and have on both parents and professionals and perhaps some people just on the outskirts of the world of hearing loss. And we’re really excited about things coming up this year.

Tatum:               Yeah, so thank you again everyone for joining us for season three. We can’t wait to be back.

Wendy:              If you’d like to reach out to us, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram. I’m @WendyDetersSLP and you can find Tatum @TatumFritzSLP, as we mentioned today, use our hashtags #hearinglosspodcast and #childsvoicepodcast when talking about the show on social media.

Tatum:               You can also email us at podcast@childsvoice.org and if you’d like to hear yourself on the show, you can send in voice memos to our email using your phone’s voice memos app. If you need help with this, see the link in our show notes.

Wendy:              Finally, you can find episode show notes and the episode transcripts at Child’s Voice’s website at childsvoice.org/podcast.

Tatum:               And if you’re interested in learning more about Child’s Voice, Child’s Voice is on Facebook, as well as Twitter and Instagram with the handle @childs_voice. No apostrophe. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

Wendy:              Bye.