Episode 1: Hearing Loss in the Family

Episode #1

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Episode 1 Show Notes

On today’s episode of All Ears at Child’s Voice: A Hearing Loss Podcast, Tatum and Jessica interviewed Wendy Deters about being raised by her parents who are deaf. Here are some of the takeaways:

Terminology is tricky! Should you say, “deaf person,” “person who is deaf,” “person with hearing loss,” or something else entirely? We typically either ask what terminology to use or mirror the terminology that someone uses.
Things used to be different when Wendy’s parents were growing up! They each only had one hearing aid and were brought up in the hearing world without all of the supports that children these days have. And they’re doing wonderfully!
Some jargon explained:
Profound hearing loss: a level of hearing loss where a person cannot hear a sound unless it is at least 90 dB loud (as loud as a lawnmower or motorcycle)
Moderate to severe hearing loss: a level of hearing loss where a person cannot hear a sound unless it is at least 40-80 dB loud (dog barking, some speech sounds)
“Big D Deaf world”: people who identify as culturally deaf and have a strong deaf identity
Open set identification: ability to identify words through listening without having choices in front of you
Neuropathy: aka auditory neuropathy:  a hearing disorder in which the inner ear successfully detects sound, but has a problem with sending sound from the ear to the brain
Total communication: is a philosophy of educating children with hearing loss that incorporates all means of communication; formal signs, natural gestures, fingerspelling, body language, listening, lipreading and speech
Mainstreaming: process of placing a student with special needs into a classroom with children without special needs
What a CI sounds like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dhTWVMcpC4

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