Coins for Voices

Coins for Voices at Child’s Voice

This wePiggy Bank Iamgeek, we kicked off the annual Coins for Voices campaign with the Child’s Voice School Program students.  The students have so much fun collecting spare change in their coin jars, all in hopes of collecting the most and earning lunch with Principal Wendy.  The purpose of this project is to introduce the children to the spirit of giving and the rewards that come from helping others.

When children help others, they gain a sense of pride and empowerment.  Whether it’s donating the clothes they have grown out of, volunteering, or simply collecting coins for a local charity, they learn teamwork and compassion.  They also learn they are part of a larger community, responsible for everyone around them.

A big thank you to all our Child’s Voice families for supporting this project! Literally, every penny counts!

Teaching kids about charitable giving can be a fun project for the whole family.  Check out some wonderful books that focus on children and giving.  Set time aside for you and your child to read each night to make this project even more rewarding!