Child’s Voice Alumni Board

Announcing the New Alumni Board of Child’s Voice

At Child’s Voice, we celebrate our students, families and our graduates. We often say that our alumni are the proof of the success of Child’s Voice programs.

We are so excited to be taking that success one step further. This summer, Child’s Voice invited our alumni (high school and college age) to join us in the development of a new Alumni Board.

“This is such a fun and exciting opportunity for our alumni to reconnect with fellow graduates,” shared Principal Wendy Adler. “Child’s Voice had such an impact on their education and success, they are now taking that and paying it forward to future Child’s Voice alumni.”

Alumni Board President Haley and fellow alumnus Mitch.
Haley, ’03 and Mitch, ’99 at a recent event benefiting Child’s Voice.

Beginning this fall, the Child’s Voice Alumni Board will focus on three goals: to bring Child’s Voice alumni together for social and fundraising events; continue to foster the community and support of Child’s Voice; and assist the Board of Directors in Child’s Voice’s Strategic Plan.

Haley Drucker, Child’s Voice Class of 2003 will be serving as the Alumni Board President.

“As an alumna of Child’s Voice, I love that we’re providing new reasons for alumni to stay involved,” Haley said. “Volunteering, fundraising, social activities, all of these let us give back to Child’s Voice, which has helped us all so much.”

The current members of the Junior Board are (Classes listed are their graduation years from Child’s Voice):

Haley Drucker, Class of 2003, Alumni Board President

Lindsay Behrens, Class of 2006
Cullen Bradley, Class of 2009
Amy Bussa, Class of 2007
Clara Lynk, Class of 2007
Sydney Naddy, Class of 2008
Caroline Noonan, Class of 2008
Lauren Noonan, Class of 2005
Mitch Olsen, Class of 1999
Marne Sullivan, Class of 2008
Ethan Urbanski, Class of 2004
Alex Wigdale, Class of 2007.

For more information on the Alumni Board, please contact us at