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Dr. Michele is always honored to thank those who generously donate to Child’s Voice, including Colleen Arturi, who organized a Mom’s Dance earlier this year.

I just read a fun article by Anna Newell Jones, who writes about how to live happily with less. As we celebrate #GratefulNovember, here is a bit I like to share.

“Gratitude is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as ‘the state of being grateful, thankfulness’. Many people fail to understand how gratitude can change a life and alter one’s perception for the good. A life without gratitude is often an unhappy, unfilled life. Putting a little gratitude in your daily life is a first-step to achieving many of your hopes, your dreams, and your goals.

The thing with gratitude is that it actually helps you much more than the person you are showing gratitude towards. When you feel thankful, grateful, and content in your own life and in your own experiences then you will find that want less. You will find that you are actually more satisfied with where you are and with what you already have in life.”

Anna goes on say that it’s as important to show gratitude as it is to be grateful. She lists 34 such examples of how to do this. I am including only the top 10. I encourage you to use any of these in your daily life to remind your friends, co-workers, and loved ones how much you appreciate them.

  1. Be an active listener

Show you gratitude to others by really listening to what they have to say.

  1. Give out compliments

Make someone’s day by giving out compliments on little things like a great shirt, a nice smile, or on a job well done.

  1. Make eye contact

When interacting with people, make eye contact and show you are present in the conversation.

  1. Give a detailed example of appreciation

Let someone know exactly why you are grateful to have them in your life by citing an example of things they have done or said on your behalf.

  1. Be thoughtful of others

While you must take care of you, it is important to also think of others first. Consider someone else’s feelings with every action and word.

  1. Volunteer for unpleasant tasks

Offer to do a chore or errand. By doing these tasks for someone you make their day easier.

  1. Give a hug

Make a true connection with those you love and are grateful to have in your life by giving hugs when greeting, saying goodbye, or saying thanks.

  1. Just be there

Spend time with others especially during difficult times and just be there without your phone and other distractions.

  1. Be gracious when challenged

When someone challenges your actions or words, still show grace by listening to what they say and being polite. You never really know what someone else might be going through so do not take their actions personally and show them kindness.

  1. Offer congratulations

When someone you know is celebrating an achievement, offer your sincere praise for a job well done.

Thanks to Anna Newell Jones for offering this timely, and timeless advice. We have so much to be grateful for at Child’s Voice — visionary founders; devoted board members and volunteers; generous donors; attendees at events big and small and sponsors who support them; partners such as school districts, pediatricians, hospitals, and companies devoted to helping those with hearing loss; friends in the community and overseas; dedicated and compassionate staff; parents who are fierce advocates for their children; alumni who make us proud; and our kiddos, who work the hardest of all. We thank you for making Child’s Voice a place where potential becomes reality every day.

Be Kind,

Dr. Michele