Smiley in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Smiley in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Finally home! My husband and I traveled for three weeks this summer. I have never done that before. I mean, seriously, I have always worked in the summer or attended college classes. This was a vacation of a lifetime. Moreover, as usual, I spread the word about Child’s Voice. Just a few of my photos made it on Child’s Voice Facebook page. I should share a few more.

We cruised from Greece to Montenegro, Croatia, and several ports in Italy. The world is a magnificent place to visit. I hope we can do this again next year.

As soon as we arrived safely back in Chicago, Child’s Voice was host to Beit Micha, the listening and spoken language school in Tel Aviv. You may recall several staff members flew to Tel Aviv last January for professional sharing and educational seminars with Beit Micha. Now it was our turn to present. We had a full week of educational opportunities for all of us to learn. The Executive Director along with five staff members attended.

Northwestern Neuroscience Lab

Neuroscience lab at Northwestern University

We have many people to thank for this outstanding week of scholarship. Dr. Nancy Young, Otolaryngologist at Lurie Children’s Hospital, allowed us all to observe an implant surgery. Then she presented two of her latest research projects.

The next day we traveled to Evanston to Northwestern University where Dr. Tina Grieco-Calub, Assistant Professor in the Communication Science and Disorders department, scheduled an entire day of experiences for us. We visited for four labs conducting various research from auditory processing to early intervention/parent coaching. Department Chair Dr. Sumit Dhar and Dr. Mindy Kobara-Mates from the Northwestern Speech Clinic shared current research.  It truly was an eye-opening day.

Child’s Voice hosted the group for the next two days. We were at both the Wood Dale campus and in Roscoe Village. I love to highlight our students and staff. The Beit Micha group observed how we do things and met parents in the toddler group in Chicago. Wendy Deters, our Professional Development Coordinator, set up a parent panel and had it recorded for our podcast All Ears at Child’s Voice. Be sure to listen to our podcasts. Our parent panel stole the show. They are amazing!! Thank you to all of the participants.

After the visit in Roscoe Village, Rollen Cooper, our Early Intervention Director, took the group to Lurie Children’s Hospital where Dr. Denise Thomas, Cochlear Implant Coordinator, and Jen Haney, Family Education Liaison, gave a number of presentations to our group.

It was a spectacular week of learning and sharing. As I said earlier, the world is a magnificent place to visit. Even Chicago in hot July.

All programs are back up and running beginning August 14 for the staff and August 19 for children.



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