Child's Voice 1996Celebrations are so important. I love to celebrate almost every holiday. I can stretch out my birthday from one day to a month.  And I definitely have super special holidays I love to celebrate like St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. Yes, I am a great party person.

On February 14, we celebrated Child’s Voice’s birthday. At school, we had cupcakes and sang songs and then I quizzed the students on various facts about Child’s Voice. This year I think PII teachers worked on this because everyone knew we were celebrating our birthday, not just Valentine’s Day. Everyone also knew that Child’s Voice was 24 years old.

So much has happened at Child’s Voice over these 24 years! In the picture, we are at Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church in Elmhurst. That is where all the magic started. The chamber came out for a ribbon cutting welcoming us to the neighborhood. Most of the children in the picture are in college or graduated already. One is now living in Austin, Texas, and has a great job with Comcast. Another has worked summers at Child’s Voice as a teaching assistant while the adorable blonde-haired girl holding the ribbon was a college softball star. In addition, the staff in the picture are now scattered across the United States.

Child’s Voice is now planning for the next 25 years. We began developing strategic plans the year I was hired, in 1999. The motto, “Plan your work, Work your plan” has helped Child’s Voice grow into the building in Wood Dale. The plan has helped us open the Audiology Center and add our PEHDI program to test babies. Our plan expanded our services into the city of Chicago through our site in Roscoe Village. Our plan has helped us serve many many children and families.

What will Child’s Voice do next? What will be in our next strategic plan? We have a grant to explore just that question and much more. We will be calling upon you all to give us your input. Share with us your dreams not yet realized for Child’s Voice to address. We look forward to hearing from all of you.

Celebrations are important. They help us reflect on where we came from, where we are now, and, most importantly, ask us where we want to go.

Perhaps there is another ribbon cutting in our future.

Happy Birthday Child’s Voice!


Dr. Michele