Ray Horn,
President, MBBI
MBBI Golf Event

Proceeds from MBBI’s annual golf event benefit Child’s Voice.

MBBI was impressed that Child’s Voice made such a difference in the lives of children. In part we were introduced to Child’s Voice through other professionals who not only were very complimentary of the organization but who were themselves very involved. If respected professionals decided to invest their valuable time with an organization, then certainly that organization merited attention.

I have been very impressed by the committed approach taken by Child’s Voice. The organization does not simply request donations as part of an event, but takes an active role in that event through committed and enthusiastic volunteers. In addition, seeing the talented young people impacted by the work of Child’s Voice is very impactful. Clearly, there is a two-way street which sends a strong and positive message. I am particularly inspired by the fact that Child’s Voice is impacting local children and with an impact that is clearly seen and experienced through the nature of its mission. At least for me, it is very meaningful to support an effort where the positive results are so tangible.