TheStarkFamilyIn 2006, we welcomed our son Jeffrey into the world.  He was a perfect baby, but we noticed he didn’t respond to certain sounds even though he had passed his newborn screening test.  We were devastated to learn at 11 months that he was profoundly deaf, like us.  His hearing loss was at least 100 decibels.  We both knew what it is like to live a life with such a significant hearing loss, to face many, many years of manual speech therapy. We didn’t want Jeffrey to share in the same struggles we did.

We were committed to having Jeffrey join the hearing world and time was of the essence.  During the fall of 2007, at 17 months old, Jeffrey received a cochlear implant and to experience sound for the first time in December 2007.   At first, sound didn’t make sense to him, but over time and with the help of the teachers at Child’s Voice, he learned to listen and to enjoy the world that had been opened up to him.  He began to thrive as he realized everything had a name to identify.

With great support from Child’s Voice, he began to learn words and speak more clearly.  He made short work of his learning and turned many years into a few short months!  The results are astonishing.

“They even enjoy listening to music and love to sing! Deaf children CAN carry a musical tune!”

We then welcomed a daughter in 2008, Melissa. She was also diagnosed as profoundly deaf.  However, this time we were prepared.

At four months old, Melissa joined the Early Intervention Program at Child’s Voice.  She blossomed beautifully before our eyes with her new cochlear implants, excelling in each new challenge.

Today, Jeffrey and Melissa are eager to learn and to pronounce new words. They even enjoy listening to music and love to sing! Deaf children CAN carry a musical tune! That’s a miracle in itself that one cannot describe.

I will be forever grateful for the presence of Child’s Voice in our children’s lives.  Thanks to Child’s Voice, our children can communicate in the hearing world on their own, without having to rely on a third person (a parent or interpreter, etc.). The programs at Child’s Voice, allow our children to join the hearing world with ease and reach and achieve their greatest dreams. Anything is possible.