Woman in blue medical scrubs in a school hallwayStudents are back in the building!

We were all so excited to welcome the school children back to school on Monday, September 21. The morning routine is falling into place. Parents and transportation companies are helping us stay safe. Children are removed from their vehicle by the driver, then we take their temperature. In addition, all the children have done extremely well wearing a mask. Plus, masks are the new style statement. They are so cute. Thank you parents for having a supply on hand.

In the news daily you read of parents begging for their children to return to school. You see students raising their voices to play sports. And you hear from the Governor, continuing to try to keep all Illinoisans’ safe. School districts, parents, sports, restaurants, and communities in general are stuck between a ‘rock and a hard place.’ This is a pandemic, a worldwide pandemic. No one has experienced this before. Truly we must look out for each other. For the children to remain in Child’s Voice, staff and families are relying on each other to stay safe and stay healthy.

Most meetings are still held by Zoom or other virtual platforms. This may be something that stays in place even after the pandemic. Zoom meetings are helping us meet ‘face-to-face’ and has helped us build solid relationships.

In fact, I think there are several positive unintended consequences; our building has never been cleaner and leaner. We have moved most furniture to storage, donated some to local agencies or thrown it away. Looking at the building now you realize now much ‘stuff’ was collected over the past 17 years in this location.

We also complete many tasks digitally too. All staff digitally sign in/out and all bills are paid electronically. We have added FM’s for our PI students to learn to use. This device helps the children hear better while we are all wearing masks. Furthermore, we have increased our teletherapy sessions in Early Intervention, which in the past were not reimbursed by the state.

I am hoping the flu season will not hit us so hard this year. With masks, social distancing, and washing our hands every other second, we might not share our germs as freely as before.

We all are dealing with this pandemic in our own way. Some of us are pretty comfortable, while others still struggle. We are learning how to cope and learning strategies to better control the things we can control and manage those times when we aren’t in control.

We thank you for your continued support of Child’s Voice!


Dr. Michele