Child's Voice Students ready for their first day of in person learning.

We are so grateful for you!  Thank you for your continued compassion and enthusiasm for our amazing students, their families, and our incredible staff.

If you wish to make a donation, please visit this page.

We need your support now more than ever before and we thank you!

  • Child’s Voice school is now conducting classes in person.
  • However, some administrative staff are working at home or working in the office only a few days each month.
  • This may delay our processing of your incredible and generous contributions.
  • We will be processing contributions received through mail on a weekly basis, as determined by mail receipt.
  • Online contributions will be processed immediately.
  • We will send thank you letters and details via email whenever possible and if we have an email address on file for you.

Please know that your donation changes the lives of our students and their families.

Your donation today will help…

…a child with hearing loss learn to listen and speak,
…parents receive support and education about their child’s journey with hearing loss,
…a newborn receive a diagnostic test to determine if hearing loss is present,
…families learn how to use language every day and help their child learn,
…a student gather the tools needed to succeed.

We thank you again for your generosity and wish you safety and good health.