GraduateSpeakers_all3Alumni Success Story

At Child’s Voice, we have often said that our graduates are our examples of success. They transition from Child’s Voice into their mainstream, neighborhood schools poised for success. And succeed they do.

We were thrilled to have three of our amazing alumni join us on Saturday, November 7th at the Autumn Gala. These graduates each shared their stories… and they were truly amazing.  Each young woman offered her unique take on their experiences at Child’s Voice. There was humor, wit and a bit of sass as well.

Thank you to Zayna, Sydney and Marne for your time and wonderful presentation! We were fortunate to have a volunteer videotape each of the speeches. (Thank you to our great volunteers! Please note this is raw video.)

To view the speakers, please click below for each of the women or CLICK HERE to watch all three speeches.

Zayna, Class of 2009
Sydney, Class of 2008
Marne, Class of 2008

Thank you again ladies!

A reminder to all our alumni, if you are interested in being one of our future speakers, please click here to email the Advancement Team. We are already looking for speakers for the June 2016 Golf Tournament and 2017 events.

All the best for a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving to all our alumni and alumni families!