Recognition of Our Graduates

On May 19th, Child’s Voice celebrated our Recognition Ceremony at Wood Dale Jr. High at 6:00 p.m.  This was the first time we held an evening performance. We had 8 students graduating and transitioning into their neighbor schools. Our graduation ceremony involves all the students (ages 3-8) singing songs and the honorees giving speeches. It was a spectacular evening!

Planning for Security

Now, the following day, the staff is back at work attending an in-service on safety. Our job of keeping students and ourselves safe never ends.

The Wood Dale Police Department Sergeant William Frese provided A.L.I.C.E. training. This is the latest up-to-date strategy used in schools and businesses for citizen response to a violent intruder.

Here’s a bit of what we learned:

A.L.I.C.E. is based on premise that information, authorization, and proactive training are the key to surviving the Active Shooter.

  • Alert: all are authorized to announce, no codes are used
  • Lockdown: must include barricade training
  • Inform: use technology to provide play-by-play information
  • Counter: interrupt the skill set needed to shoot accurately
  • Evacuate: get away from danger if possible

All heavy stuff if you ask me. The staff asked tough questions Sergeant Frese walked through the building then stood in one classroom explaining how to break a window to flee or how to hunker down. In the fall, Sergeant Frese will return to practice in the building with our staff. Then a bit later he will meet with all of our families and then even later meet with our students.

We have spent this entire year ‘beefing up’ our security. All doors lock and cameras are mounted inside and outside the building. We also installed another locked door to our main entry.

With the precious cargo we care for—there’s never enough security or preparedness.

Be safe!

Dr. Michele