Pediatric Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (PEHDI)® Program

Babies that may need additional hearing testing are those who:

  • Did not pass their initial Newborn Hearing Screening, (received a “refer” result),
  • Were in a special care nursery or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NCIU),
  • Received mechanical ventilation,
  • Were diagnosed with a syndrome associated with hearing loss,
  • Were given medication that can harm hearing (IV antibiotics),
  • Have a family history of hearing loss,
  • Had a low birth weight and…
  • If parents have concerns about a child’s hearing,
  • If the child’s pediatrician suggests a hearing test.

At Child’s Voice, no sedation is used to administer the newborn/infant testing.

For more information on hearing re-screenings and diagnostic testing, please contact the Audiology Center at (630) 595-8200 or email the Center.