Support & Outreach Services

Parent Education & Support

Teachers and therapists work closely with our students and their families. Parents are often the first and best teachers of a child. At Child’s Voice, we want to empower parents with the advocacy skills and knowledge to navigate the world of special education.

Support is offered through all Child’s Voice programs including:

  • Curriculum night
  • Parent education sessions and learning resources
  • Parent Association
  • Information about mainstream education

Mainstream Support

Transition to the mainstream, local schools can be daunting for students and their families. Our strong Mainstream Support Program ensures that graduates are prepared to excel and engage with their peers.

Additional services are available including consulting and direct support/services for the student, family and home school district.

This is a resource that can be shared with teachers who have students with hearing loss in their classroom. Click on the image for more:


Auditory-Verbal & Speech Therapy

Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) services are available to all our students from birth through 18 years old. Additional therapy is available outside of the Programs. Features of this therapy include:

  • Aural rehabilitation for children with a new cochlear implant
  • Advanced listening and language skills
  • Speech production skills, and
  • Speech-language evaluations

These services are offered at both the Wood Dale and Chicago Child’s Voice locations by a certified speech-language pathologist and listening and spoken language specialist.

Social Work Services

Social services and assistance are offered to improve social and psychological function for children and their families.

For more information or questions about these programs, please contact Child’s Voice at (630) 595-8200 or by email.