home based interventionDevelopmental Therapists – Hearing and Speech Language Pathologists provide services in homes or other environments based on the needs of families. All professional staff are certified Early Intervention specialists and have specific training in teaching listening and spoken language. The goal of these sessions is to educate families about their child’s hearing loss as well as the techniques and skills they will need to incorporate listening and spoken language into their child’s daily life. Family participation is crucial to the success of all therapy sessions.

Early developing speech sounds, auditory skills, receptive and expressive vocabulary, understanding and use of language, play skills, and cognitive development are targeted and carried over into a child’s daily activities.

Home Based Services Provided:

  • Aural Rehabilitation/ Developmental Therapy – Hearing
  • Speech Therapy

For more information, please contact Rollen Cooper, Director of Early Intervention by email or phone.

Wood Dale: 630 595 8200
Chicago: 773 516 5720.