Early Intervention Program – Start Sooner for Better Outcomes

Early Intervention ProgramThe Early Intervention Program builds a critical foundation of listening and spoken language skills for children with hearing loss. Children from just a few weeks old through the age of 3 participate in the Early Intervention Program at both the Wood Dale and Chicago locations.

As soon as a child receives diagnosis, they can join the Program. The first three years of life are when a child’s brain is most rapidly forming. Through early development of speech and language, a child is given the best opportunity to develop the skills needed.

Program components:

  • Home-Based therapies including individual speech, language and listening therapies alongside the parent/caregiver and in their home;
  • The Toddler Group Program which offers a listening rehabilitation group experience; and
  • Parent/Family Education and Support which is provided in both formal efforts and informal situations in the Group and therapy sessions.

The objectives of the Early Intervention Program are to:

  • Provide a listening and spoken language education to children with hearing loss from birth to age three.
  • Increase parent education around hearing loss, device use (hearing aid/cochlear implant), acoustics and incorporation of listening and spoken language in everyday settings.
  • Increase child’s access to sound through ensured time wearing their device.
  • Improve listening and spoken language skills.
  • Provide interaction with other children to increase and improve social language and interaction skills.

Located at both:

Child’s Voice                      Child’s Voice Chicago
180 Hansen Court            1846 W. Belmont Ave.
Wood Dale, IL 60191       Chicago, IL 60657