Woman and child at a table smilingCall the Audiology Center on its new dedicated line at 630-741-4411 or contact them via email.

Our resident Doctors of Audiology specialize in testing and services to pediatric patients, from just a few weeks old through the age of 21.

What is a Pediatric Audiologist?  http://infanthearing.org/audiology/index.html

Child’s Voice Audiology exists to serve all children of the school and community by identifying and providing early interventions for hearing loss, monitoring hearing status and devices, and supporting the family in order to meet their desired outcomes for the child.  This occurs in many facets of our programming which includes providing services for but not limited to the Pediatric Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program (PEHDI), the Child’s Voice Early Intervention Program and the Child’s Voice School Program.

The Audiology Center provides:

    • Full pediatric audiology services (from birth – 21 years old)
      • Otoscopic examination of the ear
      • Diagnostic audiometry/hearing testing
      • Tympanometry
      • Oto-Acoustic Emissions (OAE)
      • Aided evaluations including speech perception
      • Speech in Noise Testing
      • Functional Listening Evaluations
      • Newborn hearing screening, re-screenings & full diagnostic including un-sedated Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR)
    • Device Support and maintenance
      • Cochlear implant mapping/programing
      • Hearing instrument/aid evaluations, fitting and dispensing
      • Real Ear Verification of hearing instrument fittings
      • Remote Microphone and Hearing Assistance Technology(HAT) System Evaluations, fitting and dispensing
      • Audiological family counseling

Boy with cochlear implant

Our School Program is using a Remote Microphone (RM) system this school year.  Click here to learn more about Remote Microphone technology.

Click here for information and troubleshooting tips for popular hearing devices.