Two women in COVID-19 masks in the sun

Ms. Elsa and Dr. Michele at the Reverse Graduation Parade.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Child’s Voice has dedicated this year to reviewing our program’s Culture. Child’s Voice has identified six core values that guide our staff, our behaviors, and our mission and vision.  During these uncertain and unprecedented times, which some are calling the new normal,  one thing at Child’s Voice keeps us together, intact, and even a little bit more sane–our Community.

Child’s Voice has moved all teaching and instruction to online or remote learning, with the exception of our Audiology Center.  As I recently said to the staff, although we are apart, we are all in this together. And what I am seeing and hearing is our Community has grown stronger and more resilient, not just the staff.

I see why Community is one of Child’s Voice’s values. Yes, we have a close community of staff, of students, and of families. However, what is amazing is seeing these separate communities unite to become ONE.

With instruction online, parents/caregivers have truly become their child’s teacher. Until just recently, everyone was under orders to ‘stay at home,’ so families had to learn how to juggle life. Our staff had to learn this too.

Coming together virtually, families participated in teletherapy and every imaginable Zoom lesson possible. We celebrated 2020 Graduation and took steps for summer school to continue remotely.

Our Community has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park!! (for those of you missing baseball).  Our Community, with guidelines from the CDC, IDPH, and many other lettered agencies,  is designing plans to reopen in the fall. We are making changes to keep everyone safe. From plastic shields on the front desk to a designated health station to a social-distancing layout in the kitchen, our Reopening Task Force continues to incorporate best practices.

We as a Community protect each other. We worry about and care for each other. That’s how a Community works. That’s why it’s a value at Child’s Voice.

Let me share some experiences that played out in many local school districts. Before the end of school, teachers drove around to their students’ houses to see them and show how they missed them. A principal drove to all his 8th grade graduates houses and handed out diplomas.

Our Community at Child’s Voice held a Reverse Parade. It was the brainchild of one of our teachers. Parents decorated cars, drove around the Wood Dale building, and allowed every staff member to celebrate with families. Each student received a free book. Child’s Voice serves a large geographical area (over 80 zip codes), and our Community showed up.  It was fabulous! You can see photos from the parade here.

Yes, that’s just one example of our Community.

In fact, I’d love to hear from everyone–staff, students, and families, to share what Child’s Voice Community means to you.


Dr. Michele