Mitch Olsen, M.S.

Mitch is a Primary II teacher (ages 5-8), working with students in kindergarten and first grade. His role involves facilitating and promoting growth in language, speech, and self-advocacy skills. He also teaches academics, including vocabulary, reading, and math.

Mitch is one of the first kids to graduate from Child’s Voice, having attended the school from 1996-1999. His experiences working with the teachers at Child’s Voice changed his life and helped him become a successful adult and lifelong learner. He has been inspired to return to the community that did so much for him by becoming a teacher of the deaf and helping the children who are following in his footsteps.

Mitch joined Child’s Voice as a full-time teacher in June 2019. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Knox College and a Master’s in Deaf Education from Washington University in St. Louis. He currently lives in Libertyville. In his free time he enjoys reading a novel, going for a run, and going to the movie theater with his family.