Silver reindeer on table We are ready to have this awful year come to an end. Although, as I have written earlier, there have been positive unintended consequences, for the most part, we are super ready to welcome in the new year of 2021.

It is particularly fun during the holiday season to share our memories of growing up and the traditions our families followed. This year is no different. Make sure you share past memories and start making new traditions. These traditions, old and new, help us bring our families and friends closer together.

One tradition in my family was to hang a Christmas stocking on the bed post My stocking even had bells sown on it so I could wake up and catch a glimpse of Santa. My memory was a stocking filled with sweet treats. The reality though, was that the stocking was filled with oranges and hard nuts. Yuck, what kid wants that? This memory was more magical as I was remembering it through my childhood eyes.

Passing memories and traditions down through the generations help keep family members alive who have passed long ago.  Keeping family close yet safe and distanced, a new tradition in many households, will involve Zooming with relatives. Dinners, opening of presents, shared readings or morning coffee together still can happen via Zoom. It’s important to participate in traditions, old or new, as it helps us feel comfort and joy, a sense of belonging. To end 2020, this is a must!

Silver reindeer on tableDuring my childhood, my family went caroling with our church, visited Santa, and decorated our tree. One of our favorite ornaments was a silver reindeer. My mom would hide it on the tree and the first to find it was rewarded with a candy cane. I typically never found it first. But now as an adult I have spent countless hours at flea markets searching for this exact ornament. I have collect a few—but they are missing a leg, or antler, etc. Last year I found my prize in perfect condition. Memories run deep.

Traditions are powerful. They are comforting and make lasting memories. So my advice as we gratefully come to the close of 2020, START A NEW HOLIDAY TRADITION THIS YEAR.

May love and laughter light and warm your hearth and home!

Happy Holidays!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Michele