Woman with long brown hairMelissa is the School Counselor, working with students through group and individual counseling and classroom lessons to support their social, emotional, academic, and career goals. She graduated from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with an Elementary Education degree. With a goal of always becoming a school counselor, she earned a graduate degree from Lewis University in School Counseling.

Melissa is also a Child’s Voice parent. Two of her three children have hearing loss and wear hearing aids.  She says, “When my own children were born with hearing loss, I was so unsure of what their future would look like for them. I did not know anybody else with childhood hearing loss. I had so many questions. However, the more I embarked on this journey, I realized the incredible potential and opportunities my children had. With the right support, accommodations, and empowerment, I knew my children, as well as others with hearing loss, can achieve their dreams.” Melissa adds that she loves the mission of Child’s Voice and is passionate about helping other children with hearing loss learn to advocate for themselves, reach their goals, and feel empowered as they succeed in the classroom.

She and her husband Matthew have three children: Landon, Ayden and Sayge. Soccer has been a big part of her life, as she was the first women’s soccer player at Cornerstone University to be inducted into their Athletic Hall of Honor.  She currently plays on one league with her husband and also on an all-girls team. She also coaches her kids’ soccer teams. Other free time activities include yoga, going to the beach and paddle boarding, hanging out with her family, and reading.