Child's Voice graduate MitchMeet Mitch…

Mitch Olsen is one of our very first children to attend Child’s Voice in 1996. Mitch was identified with a hearing loss very young, only three months old. After a few weeks of extreme heartache, his parents, Mary and Dean Olsen took action. Mitch was immediately fitted with hearing aids and his parents began to explore various communication options. At the age of two, Mitch received a cochlear implant and began to receive more intensive speech therapy. Today, at age nine, Mitch enjoys baseball, teasing his little brother and playing video games.

Mitch attended Child’s Voice from the age three until he graduated at age six in 1999. Mitch mainstreamed into his local elementary school in kindergarten. He attends Rockland School in Libertyville and will go into fourth grade in the fall. Mitch’s favorite school subject is English, because he loves to read! His parents feel that Child’s Voice instilled in him the joy of reading and that he was the only kindergartner who was a fluent reader when he started at Rockland.

Mary Olsen shares, “When I saw Child’s Voice for the first time, I knew instantly this is what I was looking for and could not believe it existed. I had struggled for three years to find the right environment for Mitch.” Mitch’s favorite memory is of his friends in Miss Carrie’s classroom: Lindsay, Kevin, David and Daniel. He also says he loved all of his teachers, even the ones who made him work so hard!

Mitch holds the honor of being published in a new book, Bridge to Sound with a Bionic Ear, by Cynthia Farley. Congratulations to Mitch and his family for the great example you’re setting as one of our Child’s Voice alumni!


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