Marne March2013_cropped“Hi! My name is Marne Sullivan. I will be starting 7th grade at Wilmette Junior High School in the fall. I started Child’s Voice in June of 2005. I was a student at Child’s Voice for 3 years and began 2nd grade back in Wilmette. My parents found out I had Auditory Neuropathy when I was 6 months old. I went to Auditory Verbal therapy in the city for a few years and tried hearing aids. I was implanted in January 2004 and continued therapy. We found out about Child’s Voice school from my AVT therapist.

I have lots of wonderful memories from Child’s Voice. I carpooled everyday with my friends, Clara Lynk and Alex Wigdale. We still see each other when our schedules work. I also keep in touch with Lauren Bagby and will be attending her Bat Mitzvah this fall. I remember singing songs with Ms. Jeanette and learning about idioms. I also LOVED pajama day with pancakes, the Halloween parade around school, and the playground.

Marne and Mom_croppedMy Dad always tells me education is like building a house…you need a great foundation! Child’s Voice was my foundation. It made such a huge difference in my life. I’m able to communicate with everyone around me. I graduated from speech at my school just before 5th grade. I’m a strong self-advocate and was recognized for Student of the month at my school for self advocacy/self awareness. I realized when I went to Child’s Voice I wasn’t the only one who was deaf. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that it would all be okay.

Child’s Voice gave me so much confidence. Currently, I play travel soccer, Lacrosse, basketball, and dance. I just went to the One Direction concert this weekend and was able to dance and talk during the concert! I feel so lucky to be able to communicate. I have made lots of friends who all support me and help me. They even did the Walk for Hearing with me last fall. I have Child’s Voice to thank for giving me that great foundation! What a special place!”

Thank you for sharing your story Marne! We know we’ll be hearing great things from you!