JoshS_WebimageAlumni Success Story

Meet Joshua Singer, a Child’s Voice Class of 2006 graduate. Josh is now 14 and in his freshman year at Stevenson High School.

At just four months old, Josh’s parents noticed that he wasn’t hearing like his triplet brothers, although he did pass his newborn hearing screening. Following many tests, he was diagnosed as profoundly deaf just before his first birthday. He received his first cochlear implant at 19 months old and began his journey at Child’s Voice with the Early Intervention Program. He mainstreamed at grade level into second grade with his triplet brothers. Josh received his second implant at nine years old.

“Child’s Voice has made such a difference in Josh’s life. It is hard to put into words. When he first started, we weren’t sure he was getting enough benefit from his implant to learn how to talk. The Child’s Voice teachers worked tirelessly with him, and we are forever grateful to their commitment to Josh. He is thriving in the mainstream, doesn’t ever stop talking, and has every opportunity open to him that his hearing brothers do. This would not have been possible without Child’s Voice,” shared Josh’s mom, Ellen.

Josh has great memories of Child’s Voice including “very cool teachers” and a song about the fifty states. He’s very active and enjoys bowling, basketball, Xbox and spending time with family, friends and his beloved pets – a cat named Charlie and a dog named Maddie.
His family is still very involved at Child’s Voice, with his grandfather serving on the Board of Directors and he and his family attended the Gala in November.

When we asked Josh what difference Child’s Voice had made he said, “It made me who I am”

Thank you Josh! Congratulations on all your success. We know we’ll be hearing more from you soon!