Jamie joined Child’s Voice when she was just over a year old. She was diagnosed at birth with a severe to profound hearing loss and began wearing hearing aids. At 15 months old, Jamie received her first implant and her second at the age of 3. The Wenger family heard about Child’s Voice from two different families they’d know before Jamie was born. Both had been a part of Child’s Voice and once the Wenger’s toured, they knew it was the right fit for Jamie.

“Child’s Voice is priceless, absolutely priceless. For us, Child’s Voice was the only choice. We are grateful for everything Child’s Voice has done for Jamie and we feel we were very lucky and blessed to be a part of this family,” shared Robyn, Jamie’s mom.

Jamie is now eight years old and in the second grade at Prairie Elementary School in Buffalo Grove. Her transition to the mainstream school has been aided by her independence and self-advocacy skills, which she learned at Child’s Voice. She’s able to work with her teachers and through her support systems do well academically and socially.

When not busy in school, Jamie takes every chance possible to participate in sports or be outdoors. She is a fan of all sports, plays flag football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and anything that gets her outside! Jamie and her sister enjoy the dramatic arts too, even sharing talent shows and mini-plays with their parents and family. She enjoys spending time with her friends and also loves to draw.

WengerFam2013Jamie shared that she couldn’t pick a favorite teacher, but always felt special with each of them. Her parents shared that much of her success was part of the individual attention, small class size and excellent staff at Child’s Voice. Robyn said, “Even if your child wasn’t in a teacher’s class, they knew you, they knew Jamie and you were impacted by that. You could always see how much the teachers cared, how proud they were of the students and the alumni and they should be. Look at how far they’ve come from the humble beginnings of just six students!”

When asked what difference Child’s Voice has made, Jamie’s parents had this to share, “If Jamie didn’t go to Child’s Voice she would have struggled in many ways. Socially, she’d have a harder time communicating with mainstream students and those without a hearing loss. Academically, she’d probably be behind in school and our school district is great, but it would have been that much harder for her. The teachers at Child’s Voice are focused on each student and provide them the skills they need to be a success. Jamie learned to talk and she learned to listen and she did all of that thanks to Child’s Voice.”

Thank you to Jamie and the Wenger family for all they have done to support Child’s Voice.