HDrucker_youngerMeet Haley Drucker, our shining star! Haley is currently 17 years old and a junior at Prospect High School. She was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth. Like many families, Haley’s parents began working to help her gain access to sound. She started wearing hearing aids, but that didn’t offer any assistance. At 18 months old, she received her first cochlear implant and her second at 12 years old.

Soon after receiving her first implant, Haley’s parents discovered Child’s Voice and she joined the School Program at three years old. Her parents, Scott and Leslie shared, “Child’s Voice is THE place for kids who have a hearing loss, and it really changed Haley’s life. If it weren’t for Child’s Voice, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.”

HDrucker_Sept2013_rvdHaley remembers being in Mrs. Jeanette’s class and singing “Ring around the Rosie.” She shared that she is, “…really thankful for the teachers helping me along the way through this journey.”

Haley graduated from Child’s Voice in 2003 and transitioned to Fairview Elementary School. She keeps in touch with many of her friends from Child’s Voice, “…thanks to Facebook!” Haley also stated, “It’s really amazing how a lot of us grew up doing this we love, going to mainstream schools and doing whatever we needed to get where we are today.”

She is keeping very busy with a part-time job at a local senior living home where she is serving/waitressing and socializing with the residents. She is active in her school’s service club and fills her ‘spare time’ with babysitting jobs.

Haley had this to share as well, “To sum up, Child’s Voice really made a huge difference in my life. Look where I am now, how far I’ve come with Cochlear Implants. I know someday, I will become a teacher. I hope to work at Child’s Voice and do the same things my teachers did with me and my friends. I want any kid with challenges to believe that they can get through anything, and they should believe in themselves. Having hearing loss DOES NOT limit us from anything we want to do! Look at the class of 2003? In my opinion, we’re doing pretty well! I honestly don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Child’s Voice, cochlear implants or my parents. I am very happy and so thankful for everything that my parents, Child’s Voice and all those involved have done. ”

Congratulations Haley! We know you have great things ahead and we’ll certainly be hearing from you!