FR5Haley (on the right in the photo, joined by fellow Child’s Voice graduate Caitlin) recently joined our alumni and current families at the Family Reunion event. She shared her story and an update on all her success. Here is what she shared, in her words…

“My experience at Child’s Voice was amazing. It had prepared me for what I was getting into when transitioning to a mainstream school.

During my years at the school had it’s ups and downs, but most days were ups! Everyday, we would do activities that were educational and fun. My favorite memories were being in Mrs. Jeanette’s class, and we would sing nursery rhymes, play games, learn how to read and write. Also, in Mrs. Elsa’s class, I remember Halloween and she always pulled that cool magic trick of splitting her thumb. Another memory is a day where we laid on the floor and made ourselves into an alphabet letter, then another time in Ms. Carrie’s class, we would play board games, but we always worked on our listening skills as well. I remember all those holidays we had, grandparent’s day, special visitor days, and graduation.

Child’s Voice really helped me get a head start on my journey to become successful and make everyone proud of my accomplishments. I had grown so much from first grade all the way to senior year. There were some bumps on the road where normal things happened like friends coming and going, academics becomes more challenging, and learning self advocacy and responsibility.

Currently, I go to Prospect High School. I hold a job as a server and hostess at Church Creek: Senior Living home. I did service club for a while, applied to Central Michigan University and Illinois State University. But next fall, I will attending Illinois State University and major in Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Thanks to all of my hard work and the help I received at Child’s Voice for making me who I am today. If I didn’t have these opportunities and advantages, I wouldn’t be here today, and sharing my story.”