ss2005Alumni Success

Emma Salvino is beginning her fifth grade year fully mainstreamed at Roosevelt Middle School in River Forest, where her favorite subject is Math. At home, she and her younger brother Peter have a dog named Ginger, as well as a hamster. Emma takes third year private piano lessons, plays soccer, and enjoys quilting, knitting and crocheting.

According to her parents, Mary and Martin Salvino, Emma keeps busy not only with her home activities and academics, but with the Cross Country team every day after school. She also plays the cello in Roosevelt’s intermediate orchestra. Mary says that since the cello is a vibratory instrument, Emma has learned to “feel” for perfect pitch, and her sense of rhythm has earned a “great job” from her music instructor. This achievement was an emotional moment for Mary, one that dispelled some concerns about seeing her daughter participate in a music program.

Emma was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of 8 months, and she was fitted with hearing aids. In January 2000, at age 5, Emma joined Ms. Wendy’s class at Child’s Voice. That February, she received her cochlear implant, and Child’s Voice staff worked closely with the family to ensure a good adjustment until her graduation in June 2002. When asked how Child’s Voice has affected her family, Mary replied that the school “gave us hope that Emma can do anything”, and “instilled the confidence in her to advocate for herself, to go out and succeed”.

Congratulations to Emma for accomplishing so much since graduating from Child’s Voice – it’s clear that she’s off to a great start in middle school!