Meet Elizabeth, A Shining Voice

Elizabeth Victor has achieved a lot since her time at Child’s Voice. She is now eleven years old and is in sixth grade at Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School in California. Elizabeth really enjoys musical theatre, swimming, and dancing.

Elizabeth’s journey at Child’s Voice began when she was two and a half. Initially, Elizabeth passed her newborn hearing screening, but her parents were concerned about Elizabeth not responding and her lack of speech. Although the pediatrician knew about these concerns, she told Elizabeth’s parents that children develop at different rates. Still worried, Elizabeth’s mother scheduled an evaluation with an audiologist. Elizabeth was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in both ears in the mild to moderate range. She received hearing aids at 21 months and received services for speech and physical therapy through her Child and Family Connection provider. A speech therapist told the Victors about Child’s Voice. As soon as they toured Child’s Voice, Elizabeth’s family knew it was the very best place for her. She started one and a half years behind her peers in language skills, but completely made up that gap after just one year!

Elizabeth graduated from Child’s Voice as part of the Class of 2009 at age 5. She has been attending mainstream/public school since then, only requiring hearing itinerant services and FM system. Elizabeth’s mom says she is doing amazing in school and is an A-grade student. Her hearing loss has been gradual and she has progressed to severe-profound levels. However, Elizabeth’s reading level was recently assessed to be at the level of an 11th grader! In class, Elizabeth is always first to answer questions, she collaborates well with her classmates in groups, passes her FM microphone around so she can hear them, and so much more. She is very self-confident, not afraid to speak her mind and has made many friends.  She is currently in the process of being evaluated for a cochlear implant. The Victor Family is hoping that she can be implanted this summer.

Some favorite memories from Child’s Voice include being in the Discovery Center. Elizabeth remembers spinning around in circles while wearing a princess dress and singing songs. Her love of singing has continued. Elizabeth currently participates in Christian Youth Theatre and recently performed eight shows in The Music Man.

Child’s Voice holds a special place in the hearts of Elizabeth’s family. They never thought Elizabeth would be able to accomplish so much and be so self-sufficient but Child’s Voice gave them the tools necessary to help Elizabeth achieve her dreams. We are so proud of Elizabeth and everything she has accomplished!