DannyS_May2015(1)Danny, a graduate of the Class of 2011 at Child’s Voice, recently had his theatrical debut! In late May, Danny’s school put on their school play. Each class in the 4th grade showcased a scene with a couple students performing the act and the remainder of the class singing as a group. Much to his parents’ surprise, Danny had the lead role in all the scenes!

“We knew he had been practicing for a while, but he never said he was the main character,” Danny’s parents Dan and Julie shared. “He had multiple lines in each scene and played the guitar in each song. It was awesome and we couldn’t be more proud. He knew his lines and played well and it’s all possible due to Child’s Voice!”

At Child’s Voice, we are super proud of Danny too – way to go! Thank you for sharing this great story! We knew we’d hear great things from Danny and this is just the beginning!